February 7, 2017


Commentary on higher education and modern technology (January 2019): “Кому и зачем нужно высшее образование?”

Interview to the New York Academy of Sciences (April 2018): “Scientists Step Into New Roles To End Poverty”

Interview to SNC Media (October 2017): Как учиться в Великобритании: Кембридж

Interview to the Mongolian Association in the UK (September 2017):

‘I am involved in various projects which are aimed at making a positive impact on society globally and back in my home Buryatia’

Interview to CROP Secretariat (Norway) on labour market policies in post-Socialist states:

Interview to STV News (Nigeria) on labour market trends:

Interview to Echo of Moscow radio station (June 2017): audio recording and transcript (partial)

Interview to Number 1 (Russia) (June 2017): “Феномен Есуны Дугаровой”

Interview to Inform Polis (June 2017): “Моя цель – сделать Бурятию узнаваемой”

Interview to Arigus TV (Russia) (June 2017):

Presentation of the book “The Star of the Nomadess” in Buryatia (June 2017):

A news report by Baikal ATV Channel is available here.

On poverty reduction, labour market and gender equality in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Interview to UN News in New York, February 2017 (original interview here)

On Buddhism, business and happiness

Interview to Financial TV in Switzerland, February 2015 (in English, Russian, French, German, Chinese)

On my book “The Star of the Nomadess”  

On mentorship 

Interview to the Alumni Association of St. Petersburg State University “Цели моей подопечной стали и моими целями”, December 2016

On leadership

Interview to the Toastmasters Magazine “We are what we do”, January 2017

Other interviews