Работа женщин и устранение гендерного разрыва

The post reflects on the work that mothers and all women do around the world, particularly unpaid care and domestic work. As I argue in the article, to gain development progress, we need to reshape gender roles, redesign public policies and power relations — from individuals and families to structures and institutions . Without this, we will not Read more about Работа женщин и устранение гендерного разрыва[…]

Правильный инструмент для рынка труда?

This blog is published as part of The Transformation Conversation: Blogs on the UNRISD Flagship Report 2016 and Agenda 2030. The series explores what it takes to design and implement innovative eco-social policies that will lead to transformative change and fulfil the potential of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Together with the evidence, analysis and case studies Read more about Правильный инструмент для рынка труда?[…]

Шесть мегатенденций, которые могут изменить ход устойчивого развития

Our recent report published by the United Nations Development Programme in New York and the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development in Geneva identifies six global trends that will shape the trajectories of – and could potentially undermine – progress achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.